Eastbourne RMT Rail Strike Update

Wednesday 27th April 2016

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Southern conductors who are members of the RMT Union have again walked out in Eastbourne today (27 April) in a row over plans to introduce driver-only trains.

The industrial action lasted until 11am this morning, with further action planned for next month, if an agreement cannot be reached on Friday.

However, those who took to the picket line, feel they were unfairly treated by Southern for taking the action, saying their pay has been stopped disproportionately and they lost their parking permits.

In response to sanctions put in place as a result of industrial action, a Southern spokesperson has said:

"This strike will be massively damaging for both our passengers and for our business. Taking part in the strike comes with consequences and we are simply setting out what those consequences will be. We hope that those who are thinking of taking part in the strike will think again and report for work, saving our passengers the misery of strike action."

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