Sea Vixen Did Have Fault At Airbourne

Tuesday 16th August 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Sea Vixen

It’s emerged the Sea Vixen pulled out of her display at Airbourne on Sunday (14 August) owing to damage to the starboard flap, an initial assessment has confirmed.

Commander Simon Hargreaves RNR, detected an abnormal response when he selected the flaps as part of his display, during what should have been the plane’s debut in Eastbourne.

Simon carried out a visual check by flying past the Display Director’s control room, before flying back to base at RNAS Yeovilton where he conducted further visual inspections.

The damage to the flap would have altered the airflow over it, which is what the pilot picked up on in flight.

The Chief Engineer has conducted an initial assessment and believes that the damage is repairable.  The Sea Vixen team will be updating supporters when a deeper assessment has been completed.

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