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Monday 22nd August 2016

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A Staff Nurse on Hailsham 3 Ward at Eastbourne DGH has been awarded the Trust’s Infection Control Link Facilitator of the year award.

Trish Hare, a Staff Nurse on Hailsham 3 Ward was nomination by her colleague Lynda Heather who is the Ward Matron on Hailsham 3. Lynda said, “Trish is an invaluable Infection Control link nurse on Hailsham 3. She is passionate about correct infection control measures and procedures, and has developed her knowledge and skills since the role was first created over 9 years ago. Trish is a well-respected member of the team. The staff all know that they can approach her with any concerns or issues that they have. She never dismisses anyone, treats them with respect, and if she cannot answer their questions, makes it her mission to find out the answer.

“Trish approaches anyone who is non-compliant with hospital policies with a quiet explanation. She recognises that they may not be aware that they are non-compliant, especially temporary staff. Repeat offenders though are dealt with appropriately.

“Trish always tries to ensure that her audits and monthly projects are carried out, and attend the monthly Infection Control Link meetings. This is despite the challenges that Hailsham 3 have recently had.

“Trish is an invaluable member of the team, and is respected by all the staff. She always aims to provide the Gold Standard in whatever she does, be it training staff, working with patients or alongside her colleagues. She is a credit to her profession, and we are so lucky to have her on Hailsham 3.”

A Link Facilitator acts as an ambassador for good infection prevention and control measures in clinical areas.  The Infection prevention and control team relies heavily on active link facilitator to cascade information, assist with compliance monitoring and ward base training.          


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