Joy Riders Target Eastbourne Homes

Saturday 27th August 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Police Jacket

We’re being warned that car thieves are on the prowl in Eastbourne.

Police say there has been a spate of thefts recently, where the vehicle is taken after the keys are taken from within the home. Many thieves are specifically looking for cars to joy ride in.

Detective Constable Sheila Bonell said, “We are asking the public to be extra vigilant with regards to the security of their homes and vehicles by locking all downstairs windows and doors either when not at home or when they retire to bed.  Also to make sure that any car keys are well hidden to prevent the theft and subsequent risk that this could pose to the community.”

To help prevent our homes and cars from being targeted, we’re being offered the following advice

  • Keep your front and back doors shut and locked – even when you are at home.
  • Close and lock all downstairs windows.
  • Never leave car keys, door keys or other valuables in view of a letterbox or window.
  • If possible keep your car and door keys in a secure place where thieves are unlikely to look.
  • Secure your garage and shed too – equipment kept in a garage or shed can be just as tempting for a burglar.
  • If you can, install a burglar alarm and set it every time you leave home.
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