Willingdon MP Welcomes Decision To Defer On Planning Proposals

Thursday 15th September 2016


Willingdon’s MP has welcomed the move to defer a decision on a proposed housing development for the village.

Wealden District Council took the position to wait until after a site visit to the site at Brodricklands and Hamlands Farm earlier today (15 September). Constructors have proposed building several hundred homes on the land, which neighbours Hampden Park, something Eastbourne Borough Council believes will put strain on the area’s infrastructure.

Caroline Ansell said, “I have made my concerns well known about this development, which was really lacking in the right infrastructure and could jeopardise much more appropriate housing sites and community facilities.

“I’m very pleased the council has listened to those concerns and the multitude that residents put forward too and deferred the application. I would have liked to have seen a refusal, but now the fight continues to persuade the council this is the wrong development in the wrong place.

“All the modelling and traffic studies offered up at the meeting really aren't worth anything when local people know what it is to drive these congested roads. 

“Assurances were given by officers today that this application does not prejudice the plans to build the medical centre and new school we desperately need, but I was not at all assured. No evidence to support this new position was given and nothing from past discussions has ever suggested this is feasible.

“So, in my view, Brodricklands is an unacceptable risk.”


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