Eastbourne Cannabis Factory Shut Down

Tuesday 20th September 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Police Lamp

A cannabis factory’s been shut down in Eastbourne.

Officers followed a strong smell of the drug to a basement flat in Pevensey Road on Saturday 10 September. 18 plants were found at various stages of growth inside a tent in the bedroom.

The 51-year old man living there was arrested on suspicion of the production of cannabis.

All plants and the related equipment were seized from the address.

The man admitted the offence and accepted a formal police caution that will be entered as a criminal record.

Nearby businesses were updated and one business owner said, “We have had parents coming in our shop with children, but when they smell the cannabis they turn around and leave, it has really affected our business”

PC Scott Franklin–Lester said, “This is a good example of community information being passed to local officers who responded quickly to deal with a problem that was affecting local businesses and residents. Hopefully they have now got back to normal without the pungent cannabis smell.”

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