Afoot Eastbourne Says 'Keep The Prom For Walkers'

Friday 30th September 2016

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Afoot Eastbourne has responded to the latest situation surrounding cycling on the promenade.

They’ve written to Eastbourne Buzz saying:

The Government has made it clear that Active Travel (any form of movement which requires our own energy – walking and cycling for example) is a priority. It also suggested that the best way to achieve this is to deliver dedicated safe walking and safe cycling schemes.

Evidence across the World (and closer to home towns like Cambridge) prove that  only dedicated cycle routes will “explode” the hidden demand for cycling in Eastbourne. Since 2008 safe pedestrian space has been given over to cycling the result being that those cycling on a regular basis in Eastbourne has halved from 2% to 1% yet our council and the cycling lobby group wish to launch more of the same i.e. take safe walking space on the promenade for cycling. This is so frustrating and completely ignores the following Government guidelines;

 LTN 1/11 Notes it states that shared space should meet the needs of all users

  • Needs to be an inclusive design “share with care” signs and painted lines will not meet the needs of blind, partially sighted, older residents or indeed the needs of young children who either cannot or may not be able to interpret them.
  • Has to be safe and acceptable in terms of personal security.
  • Must be comfortable to use and accessible to the disabled.
  • Should provide “comfort space”.
  • Pedestrians should have priority over cyclists.
  • At no stage in the document is the suggestion that dedicated leisure pedestrian walks should be converted to access for all shared space.
  • LTN 1/12 States that two way cycling be accommodated on paths no narrower than 3 metres (a slow moving bike needs at least 1 meter width due to the wobble factor).
  • Such a path should not have barriers to the side or street furniture – if it does then the path needs to be wider than 3 metres.
  • Eastbourne Prom in parts cannot meet these guidelines.

Shared use is a cheap quick cure all which is proving highly unsuccessful. Let’s see our council focus on delivering quality dedicated schemes which will deliver growth in both walking and cycling.

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