Eastbourne Seafront Byelaw Delay Welcomed

Thursday 6th October 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Eastbourne Seafront

AFOOT is reiterating their welcoming of the decision to not allow an Eastbourne byelaw to be overturned to allow cycling on the seafront.

The group is pleased the amendment is currently on hold and has written to Eastbourne Buzz saying, “We urge that politicians of all parties including our MP and County Council planners now take time for a radical re think of Eastbourne and its future walking and cycling infrastructure to meet the specific needs of its residents.  Such a move would be greeted with open arms by the vast majority of residents and public groups that voted against the promenade cycling proposal during the DCLG Consultation (why would the council destroy the democratic process by ignoring this majority?). In line with Government guidelines, we also believe that the vast untapped demand for cycling will be best met if we deliver a new dedicated cycling network.

“We fear the news is not good however as Borough and County representatives meet soon to discuss integrating walking into the current cycling strategy. Government requires separate, distinct safe walking and safe cycling schemes. The recent press release from the Liberal Democrats implies another quick cheap fix of shared use design. Such schemes are prejudiced against vulnerable residents. Evidence proves that these schemes also fail to deliver significant numbers of new cyclists – in Eastbourne every scheme put in place has delivered a 50% reduction in cycling during the period 2008 - 2016 ie from 2% of people cycling regularly to 1%. With a track record of failure why would our planners Borough Council leaders continue with a strategy of continuous failure?”

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