Drop In Pound's Value Could Benefit Eastbourne

Monday 10th October 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Eastbourne Seafront

The recent crash in the value of the pound sterling could be a positive for Eastbourne.

Figures released recently by Tourism South East, showed that last year, the Sunshine Coast saw more people flock here for both holidays and day trips, with nearly 5 million choosing to come here. Between them, they spent £388 million.

It’s now thought that with the pound struggling against the US dollar currently, it could actually encourage more tourists to Eastbourne. Phil Evans, Director of Tourism said a weak pound could be good news, “There’s a double benefit to that. First of all, it means it’s cheaper for overseas visitors to come over here. They get more value for money from the exchange rate. But it also discourages domestic visitors from going into the Eurozone for example and with other issues in other parts of the world at the moment being a bit unstable, it means there’s been a big growth in domestic tourism and staycations.”

Tourism isn’t just vital for the town’s economy, it keeps over 8,000 people in employment, with those working in areas such as hotels, restaurants and the theatres. However, Mr Evans said a further 2,000 rely on the industry feeding their workplace, “People who supply those industries like laundries, the people who supply the shops that supply the hotels. That supplies another range of employment up to about 25% in addition to the figures for direct employment.”

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