East Sussex Firefighters Support Burns Awareness Day

Wednesday 12th October 2016

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is supporting National Burn Awareness Day, taking place on 19 October 2016.

Led by the Children’s Burns Trust and working with the British Burn Association, the day aims to help the public become more alert to the dangers of burns, how to prevent them and how to give first aid.

David Kemp, Community Safety Manager at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said, “As a fire and rescue service we sadly see first-hand the effects burns can have on people. We want to remind you of some simple safety tips. Lighters, matches and candles should be kept out of children’s reach and, ideally, safely away out of sight. If you smoke, be sure that you put it right out and empty ash trays regularly. As winter begins to hit home, please make sure you have a secure fire guard around a fire or heater and don’t dry washing near them in case they catch alight.”

He adds, “If you do have a fire, please call 999 immediately. Trying to put a fire out can result in serious burns and the smoke can quickly overwhelm you.”

Facts and figures

• Hot drinks are the most common cause of scald injury in children – followed by contact with electric cookers, hair straighteners, irons and central heating radiators.
• Sunburn is a notable cause of injury in the 5 – 14 year age group.
• In the over 65s the pattern of injury is similar to that for children – but with a greater number of central heating radiator contact injuries and too hot bathing immersions.
• The average cost to the NHS for a major burn is £168,155 – but what is the cost to the individual and their family?
• Hair straighteners reach over 220°c and take up to 40 minutes to cool down – more than 250 children a year are treated for severe burns from them.
• A significant number of adult injuries resulted from hot fat, barbecues, garden fires and bonfires.
• The majority of injuries, especially to children and the elderly, occur between 3 and 6pm.
• The most common place of injury is the home for children (77%) and the elderly (81%). For adults it’s the workplace.

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