Homes Given The Go Ahead For Willingdon/Hampden Park Border

Thursday 13th October 2016

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Nearly 400 new homes are to be built on the border of Willingdon and Hampden Park.

The proposals for Brodricklands and Hamlands Farm were passed this morning (13 October).

It's feared, by some, that the development will put extra pressure on the already conjested roads around Hampden Park railway crossing.

Eastbourne and Willingdon MP, Caroline Ansell said, "I am disappointed by the result today to give outline planning permission on the Brodricklands site but better the application remains in local control than in the gift of an out of area inspector. The committee raised all the significant issues and conditions placed on it subsequently may mean it never comes to pass. At the close of the meeting, I spoke with residents and with the applicant's agent and I will be following this process closely, most especially to ensure the delivery of the medical centre and primary school on a nearby site which could yet be in the balance. Reassurances were put forward by planning officers on these community facilities and on road traffic but, if one of those highway schemes to alleviate congestion is, 'traffic lights at Cophall roundabout', any confidence evaporates - haven't we been there and done that? It was a spectacular fail if I remember rightly and the Planning Chair was right to call it out."

But it seems it's not just the Conservatives that have been put out by today's decision:


**NB Whilst Stephen Lloyd states that some members of the planning committee were not on the original panel, Wealden District Council has confirmed that there were no substitutions at today's meeting, stating they were all councillors on the Planning Committee South.

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