Katy Bourne Re-Elected As PCC

Friday 6th May 2016

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Conservative Katy Bourne has been re-elected as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Eastbourne joined the rest of the county in heading to the polls yesterday. Mrs Bourne was elected with a total of 139,335 votes in a two stage count.

The runner-up was Labour candidate Michael Jones, who received a total of 86,392 first and second preference votes.

Under the Supplementary Voting System which is used for Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England, the first preference votes of all candidates are counted and any candidate with more than 50% of the first preference votes is duly elected.

The first preference votes of all the candidates in the Sussex PCC election was as follows:

Katy Bourne (Conservative)          114,570 votes    41.78%
James Doyle (Green)                     26,038 votes     9.49%
Michael Jones (Labour)                  61,017 votes     22.25%
Patrick Lowe (UKIP)                       43,075 votes     15.71%
James Walsh (LibDem)                   29,550 votes      10.77%


A total of 7,288 ballot papers were rejected.

As no candidate had more than 50% of the votes cast, the two leading candidates went through to a second stage of the count when any second preference votes they have received on the other candidates’ ballot papers were added to their first preference vote total. This process determined which candidate was elected.
Election counts took place in 13 local authorities in East and West Sussex and was co-ordinated by Wealden District Council. The turnout was 23%.

Sussex Police Area Returning Officer Charles Lant thanked everyone who helped with election by either staffing some 730 polling stations on 5 May or helping at the counts that took place on 6 May,  “Nearly 3,000 local government staff and volunteers have been involved in this election process. I would like to thank each one for their hard work and diligence in making sure the democratic process has been successfully carried out.”


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