Black Widow Spider Taken In By Drusillas

Wednesday 19th October 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Black Widow Spider Nadia

Drusillas Park in Alfriston has taken in a black widow spider.

Nadia, as she’s been named, was found at Aerfin warehouse in Gatwick on Friday (14 October) in a box, which had been shipped in from America.

The 4cm arachnid was coaxed into a plastic tub by staff member, Rob Green, who called the RSPCA for help. He said, “It was a bit of a shock finding her in the box. She must’ve been in there for quite a while as the box was packaged up in Arizona back in December and arrived over here in July. She has done very well to survive that long in there.

“I saw her and realised she wasn’t a normal spider from the UK - but it wasn’t until I saw the red spot on her abdomen that alarm bells rang and we looked up what she was.

“We weren’t frightened as I think there have been hardly any deaths from these spider bites - and Nadia was fine. We popped her in the box and called the RSPCA for help.”

Drusillas Park's Spider Expert Angela Hale commented, "We can confirm that we are in receipt of a spider, commonly known as a black widow, following a rehoming from the RSPCA. Nadia is in good health and has been eating well. She will be held at Drusillas Park on a temporary basis whist we find a more suitable home for her.”

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