What's In A Name? Should Eastbourne Officially Add Willingdon?

Thursday 27th October 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline Ansell In Commons

Should Willingdon be formally incorporated into the Eastbourne constituency name.

MP Caroline Ansell, officially represents Eastbourne, but it has been the unofficial tradition for many years to add Willingdon to it.

Caroline can now apply to the Boundary Commission to alter the title, if there support to do so, as part of a consultation about Parliamentary boundaries that also allows a name change.

“From initial soundings, there is some support to have Willingdon incorporated into the name so the right way forward must be to ask all residents what they think,” said Caroline.

“My view is it should be Eastbourne and Willingdon because the name better reflects the constituency and its unique character, and, of course, it’s informally in use already. But it’s what residents think that really matters.

“To obtain their views, a register to express support for the new title will be available in the parish office in Willingdon and people can also email, Facebook or telephone me, or sign the petition in my office in Grove Road.”

Caroline added, “We live in a fantastic place, with Eastbourne at its heart, but there are also other lovely areas too.

“Of course, we can’t change the name to list every village, so I think adding Willingdon is the best compromise.” 

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