Eastbourne MP Welcomes Tough New Laws On Cold Calling

Friday 28th October 2016


Eastbourne MP, Caroline Ansell, has welcomed plans to fine company directors up to £500,000 if their business makes nuisance phone calls.

Under a new law coming into force next spring, directors will now be personally liable for breaches of Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) regulations and not just their business.

Firms offering to claim back miss-sold payment protection or ringing to ask if people have been involved in a car accident - sometimes targeting homes up to 60 times a month - are some of the major culprits making lives a misery.

Right now, only the business itself can be fined for ignoring regulations about cold calling, so many firms declare bankruptcy to avoid having to pay, and the directors start another company under a different name.

However, the ICO will soon impose combined penalties on both company directors and their businesses for breaches of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. The top amount, if both are fined, could be £1million.

"I have had many distressed constituents contact me about how upset and anxious they are when constantly bombarded by cold calls at all hours of the day, so I very much welcome this move from the Government to stop this sort of abuse," Caroline said.

"I don't think many people will have much sympathy towards those who profit from bombarding people with persistent, unsolicited calls now having to personally face a fine because of their bad actions.

"I know consumer groups have long campaigned to see tougher penalties for those who take part in this sort of unpleasant activity and I'm pleased for them the Government has listened and taken action."

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