Eastbourne Drivers React To Coperforma Deal

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Exclusive Buzz Video

Drivers of patient transport ambulances in Eastbourne are breathing a sigh of relief this morning (2 November).

Following yesterday’s announcement that non-urgent patient transport is to be taken away from Coperforma and returned to the NHS next year, drivers are pleased that they, at last, have some certainty about their jobs.

They were left in limbo after Docklands Medical Services ceased trading in Sussex mid-September and many had already gone for weeks or months without being paid. Whilst Coperforma promised to sort outstanding wages, it was finally left up to the High Weald Lewes Havens CCG to step in and pay staff.

Now, knowing the NHS will once again take over the running of the service, drivers have been speaking to Eastbourne Buzz about how they’re feeling:

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