Shh...Keep It Down In Wealden

Friday 4th November 2016

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We’re being warned to keep it down in Westham, Stone Cross and Willingdon.

The shared Environmental Health Service between Wealden and Rother District Councils, operated a special noise patrol over last summer to help make sure someone’s good time did not become another’s nightmare.

Between May and August 2016, the Rother and Wealden noise patrols monitored 38 potentially noisy events and premises.   

“As a result a number of businesses were visited during events and we have been successful in helping to ensure that they have been keeping their noise to an acceptable level,” said Councillor Claire Dowling, Cabinet member for Public Health and Community Safety at Wealden District Council.   “There is a small minority that need to consider how they operate to ensure that they are not likely to cause noise problems for local residents.  Environmental Health and Licensing are working with these businesses so that future events that they hold will not cause similar problems.” 

Rother and Wealden’s Noise Patrol check events to see that noise is kept to a reasonable level, using noise monitoring equipment where appropriate, and make sure that events and premises are appropriately licensed. Where they find problems, they will step in and take formal action.   

Event organisers and people that operate potentially noisy entertainment venues, including parties, weddings or open air concerts, are expected to be responsible and take action to prevent regular or serious disturbance to their neighbours.  The Council provides guidance for organisers and others involved in the event to help them control noise levels and limit any disturbance to the local community. 

If you are considering organising a large event, hosting a loud party or undertaking an activity that is likely to generate noise which could be a potential problem, it is worth planning in advance.  Worth bearing the following in mind:

  • Don’t have music outside
  • Move the party inside at a reasonable hour
  • Finish at a reasonable time (let your guests know in advance)
  • Keep the number of outdoor “sessions” to a minimum

Information about organising temporary events and music licensing regulations can be found online.


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