Eastbourne MP Backs Sugar Bill

Saturday 5th November 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline ansell

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has thrown her support behind a bill designed to force food producers to list how many teaspoons of sugar are in their products.

The Sugar Bill hopes to tackle one of the underlying causes of obesity and has support from the Royal College of Physicians and Cancer Research.

“The rise in obesity has become alarming and, in NHS terms, costs more than armed violence, war and terrorism combined at around £47bn each year,” said Caroline.

“We also have the highest level of obesity in Western Europe with 1 in 4 adults obese and nearly 2 in 3 adults overweight, and four million with type two diabetes so action needs to be taken.

“This is why I very much support this bill which will require that added sugar is labelled in teaspoons on processed foods so consumers can immediately understand how much sugar is in the product.

“Labelling presently is confusing and doesn’t allow consumers to fully understand the sugar content in many foods. This legislation would be welcome tool in the battle against obesity and diabetes in the UK.”

Other proposals in the Private Members' Bill, tabled by Geraint Davies, also includes restricting television advertising of high sugar foods containing more than 20% sugar until after the 9.00pm watershed.


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