GMB Hit Back At Coperforma's 'Friendly Divorce' Claims

Tuesday 8th November 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Gary Palmer

The union representing Eastbourne patient transport drivers who work for companies employed by Coperforma, has hit back at the company’s claim that it hasn’t been stripped of its contract by the CCG.

Earlier today (8 November), Coperforma’s Chief Executive, Michael Clayton, said the arrangement for them to step down from the deal next April, was like a ‘friendly divorce’.

However, Gary Palmer from the GMB Union has retaliated saying, “Michael Clayton has once again produced a statement which confirms his lack of reality in regard to just how serious an effect his and Coperforma's mismanagement and bungling has had upon the patients of Sussex, if you add that together with the awful way some of the various incompetent contractors through Coperforma's failures to carry-out due diligences have meant Ambulance staff ended up being treated abysmally, as some of those contractors failed in all of their obligations to patients and staff alike, then you might understand the cheers going up in Sussex as the news broke of Coperforma's departure.

“Negative public contractual publicity only followed Coperforma's negative public performance, which was rightly raised by those who do care for the service they were ruining, the efforts of the staff themselves along with many organisations like the GMB union, defend the NHS and in particular the cross party parliamentary work undertaken locally brought about the only result, which would guarantee patient safety in the long run.

“Michael Clayton's rhetoric in regard to an agreed friendly divorce is about as misleading as all his other previous comments in regard to both the standard of Coperforma delivery and service measured performances within the Sussex PTS contract, and it's apparent to all that this is more of a CCG push then Michael would like to admit. His thanks to contractors is interesting in that I'm sure VM Langfords, Dockland's, Dedicated care, UK Ambulance Sales and most recently Thames Ambulance service will, I'm sure, feel valued and compensated for the financial hardship Coperforma's failure to pay in a timely fashion has left them in.

“I do agree that it’s important that any transition is both smooth and protective of both patients and staff to the very welcomed South Central Ambulance Service, but if it’s true that financial incentives have been offered to Coperforma to help ensure that is the case on their part, then it clarifies the extent of the real love of any such organisation as Coperforma, is one of money and not patient care.

“A retreat even though uncomfortable can be done in a dignified and professional way, but Coperforma will leave the Sussex PTS contract as they arrived to it, In disarray, discord, and clueless as to what they are doing and what they have done wrong.

“Goodbye Michael Clayton and Coperforma and good riddance.”

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