Sussex PCC Poll Calls For Tough Penalties For Using Mobiles When Driving

Friday 11th November 2016

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Nine in ten people who voted in a Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner poll want tougher penalties for people caught texting, answering a call or using an app on their mobile whilst driving.

A total of 126 people took part in the poll during October, after the Government announced plans to increase the penalty for offenders to six points on the licence and increase the on-the-spot fine to £200.

Commenting on the poll results, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said, “This poll clearly shows that Sussex residents want stronger penalties to tackle the use of mobiles at the wheel. That’s why I welcome plans to get tough on reckless drivers who text or update social media on their mobiles while driving.

“We all get calls and texts in the car but it is vital that we resist the urge to respond immediately. Using a mobile while driving is a huge distraction and could cause a serious accident.

“Not only does this put you and the passengers in your vehicle at risk but it could kill and cause untold misery to others.

“We should also play our part in reminding friends and family members to resist using their mobile while driving.”Su

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