Get Winter Ready In Eastbourne

Saturday 12th November 2016

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is offering us top tips on staying warm safely.

As part of the Winter Ready campaign, the Service is reminding residents to be careful with plug-in and electric heaters in particular.

David Kemp, Community Safety Manager, said, “Staying warm in winter can be tricky, especially if you are trying to cut your energy bills. Sadly, we know from experience that fires can be caused when people don’t understand the dangers heaters can pose. Some simple measures can make all the difference.”

•    Heaters should be kept away from furniture and fittings.
•    Ensure that nothing can fall onto a heater.
•    Keep at least three feet - one metre - away from them.
•    Have fireguards to prevent and protect children and/or pets coming in contact with them.
•    Never dry washing on or near them (or on fireguards).
•    Try to secure heaters up against a wall to stop them falling over.
•    Don't cover air vents on storage heaters or fan heaters.
•    Don’t over load sockets
•    Ensure heaters are switched off when not in use

David Kemp added, “We would also ask that neighbours, friends and family take an interest in those around them who may be struggling to keep warm. Please pass on our advice. If you are particularly concerned that someone you know may be vulnerable to fire, get in touch. They may be eligible for a home safety visit. Our safety experts will come round and help make their home a safer place by offering advice and fitting smoke alarms.”

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