Holocaust Survivor Calls For Eastbourne To Remember

Sunday 13th November 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Dorit Oliver Wolff

A Holocaust survivor, who lives in Eastbourne, is calling for us to honour Remembrance Day.

Dorit Oliver-Wolff, who’s now in her 80s, hid from the Nazis, whilst living in Hungary in the 1940s, narrowly avoiding detection as her mother could speak German.

She believes it’s vital that everyone pays their respects to the servicemen and women on Remembrance Sunday, “Some amazing people died yesterday for our today. They did it for us, and for our children and their children’s children and it has to be remembered. We should be grateful that they died, so that we should have a present and a future. People have lost sons, husbands, brothers, sisters and it is always very sad to lose someone, but at least by celebrating their death - or life - today, they have done something amazing by giving their lives. Unselfish. And perhaps we ourselves should learn a bit of this gesture, to be just a little bit more unselfish, because people today seem to be me, me, me, me and it’s the alpha and omega of our lives now and it shouldn’t be like that. So, I’m always very grateful. You should always remember, even if you just stand still and just remember, that’s what Remembrance Day is all about; to remember.”

Dorit also believes Europe would be a very different place now, had Hitler not been defeated, “Many of us just wouldn’t be here to tell the story. People don’t realise that, because people take everything for granted. The red poppies – the blood that it represents – that’s what Remembrance Day is all about. We have to remember and try to do it better. But unfortunately, people don’t learn and it has to be remembered: all the people who died for other people - some of them senselessly - and they’re heroes, each one of them. And especially those who stayed over, the ones of have to mourn their nearest and dearest – the pain never goes away. We should learn to be grateful and we’re not. I am.”

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