Eastbourne Police Issue Advice On Beating Christmas Crooks

Thursday 17th November 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Police Lamp

Eastbourne Police have issued a warning to Christmas shoppers and revellers to keep a close watch on their personal property when out and about shopping and celebrating as the festive season approaches.

Here are some tips and handy reminders:

When you put your purse or phone back into your handbag make sure you secure your bag again. Many people leave their bag open, making it easy for a purse and other items to be taken while you’re distracted. If the handbag has a flap that goes over the top of the bag hold it so that the flap’s fastening is towards your body.  

If you do not use a handbag, make sure phones, wallets, purses and similar items go into an inside jacket pocket (ones with zips are especially good) or into a front pocket of your trousers; not the back pocket, especially when the top of the trousers or jeans are visible.

You could fit your purse with little purse bells, which are designed to be attached to your purse or handbag. They’re very useful where there’s a heightened risk of handbag theft, in places such as busy shops and cafés, street markets, other crowded places and on public transport.

If you can mark your phones, laptops or tablets and register them on www.immobilise.com it helps with identification.

If you take some simple steps you can reduce your chance of being targeted. Keep valuables out of sight in a secure place and on your person at all times and you significantly reduce the risk of losing them.

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