Eastbourne MP Vows To Fight For Language Students To Be Taken Off Immigration Figures

Thursday 24th November 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline Ansell International Students Day

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has vowed to fight rules forcing international language students visiting the town to be part of immigration figures.

Caroline is working closely with language schools leaders and made the vow after meeting with students in Parliament last week as part of her work with an All Party Parliamentary Group on the issue.

“International students matter tremendously to Eastbourne and we have a long and fine history of welcoming young people from all around the world to our town,” said Caroline.

“I do not believe international students should be counted in immigration figures and, in a post-Brexit Britain, it is especially important we maintain our standing as a top destination for study.

“A big part of this will be making sure these students can come and learn as easily as possible.

“Of course, there must be rules on immigration and I know there have been abuses of the system in the past, but nothing should be done to deter young people from visiting to learn our language and find a love for our country.

"I have written to the Home Secretary urging her to take students out of the immigration figures. The vast majority come here to learn English not to settle illegally and so having them incorporated into the figures is clearly misleading and harmful.”

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