Angry Eastbourne Resident Demands Apology From Borough Council

Friday 25th November 2016

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Following last week's full council meeting in Eastbourne, Eastbourne Buzz received the following email from an angry resident:

"I wish to demand an apology from David Tutt's LibDem Council for acting against Eastbourne's democratic wish to leave the EU.

"At the full council meeting on Wednesday (16 November), a motion reflecting the wishes of the majority of Eastbourne residents to leave the EU was voted down by David Tutt's Liberal Democrat majority in favour of their own preferred motion in celebration of uncontrolled immigration.

"Everybody is entitled to their own opinion on Brexit. But as representatives of the people, David Tutt's LibDem Council should not express their own personal preferences as brazen indifference to the majority wishes of Eastbourne voters.  

"It was also revealed  that these 'elected representatives of the people', accept their expenses from the taxpayer for meetings they don't even hold, having not held a scheduled meeting to discuss the town's licensing issues for eighteen months.  But while appearing indifferent to democracy and to attendance at normal Council meetings, Tutt's Council had no problem finding time and commitment on Wednesday to amass in number to suffocate Eastbourne voters' democratic choice in favour of their own agenda for immigration and EU membership."

We put the view to Councillor Tutt for a response:

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