'Just Call It Care' Says Polegate MP

Saturday 26th November 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Maria Caulfield In Chamber

Practicing nurse & Polegate MP, Maria Caulfield, supported the Government in its endeavours to join up Health Services and Social Care, during a recent Opposition Day Debate in the Commons Chamber on social care.

Making reference to her 20 years working within the NHS, Ms Caulfield pointed out that while health care professionals in our hospitals are treasured, the same is not given to those working in personal care, who are often paid under the living wage, and lack the training required to provide the care that communities need. To demonstrate this, reference was made to a pan-European study, which showed that the risk of patients dying in hospital increase by one fifth for every nurse that is replaced with a healthcare assistant.

Speaking afterwards, Maria said, “I think it is vitally important that health and social care services are combined. Often patients at home can have three or four visitors during the day, each carrying out a different role to the visitor before and after.

“This kind of system benefits neither the patient, nor the purse of the taxpayer, and I therefore absolutely support the aligning of social care with our health care services.

“To put it simply, the overwhelming adjoining factor here is care, and I strongly believe that the actions being taken by this Government will improve care for all patients, whether in a healthcare facility, or at home.”

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