Eastbourne Named As Having Bad Pollution

Thursday 12th May 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Eastbourne Seafront

Eastbourne isn't as clean as we may think it is.

The Sunshine Coast has been named and shamed by the World Health Organisation for having high pullition levels.

It's one of 11 urban areas in the UK and Ireland found to be have breached the safe limit set for PM10. It's also breached safe levels for fine particles in the air, known as PM2.5

"Air pollution is a major cause of disease and death. It is good news that more cities are stepping up to monitor air quality, so when they take actions to improve it they have a benchmark," says Dr Flavia Bustreo, WHO Assistant-Director General, Family, Women and Children’s Health. "When dirty air blankets our cities the most vulnerable urban populations—the youngest, oldest and poorest—are the most impacted."

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