Could You Be A Dementia Friend?

Thursday 12th May 2016

Cynthia Lyons, East Sussex County Council

10,000 people in East Sussex are living with dementia.

That figure is expected to more than double by the middle of the century.

East Sussex County Council's public health team is backing a campaign organised by the Alzheimer's Society, which aims to help us understand dementia better and highlight the small things we can do to help.

We can play our part by watching a short video online or attending a face-to-face information session to increase their knowledge of what it's like to live with dementia. We're then invited to put that understanding into practice via small actions which could include helping someone with everyday tasks, such as finding the right bus or spreading the word about dementia on social media.

Cynthia Lyons, East Sussex acting Director of Public Health, said, "Dementia is one of the biggest health issues facing the UK and around 21 million people in England know a close friend or family member living with the condition.

"Becoming a Dementia Friend, and gaining a better understanding of the issues that people with the condition face, can make a big difference to someone living with dementia. I'd urge people in East Sussex to get involved and help us take a step closer to creating a dementia-friendly society."

The initiative is aimed at people from all communities and at organisations that are likely to come into contact with people living with dementia.

It has already led to 1.4 million people signing up to become Dementia Friends, with the aim of increasing that number to four million by 2020.

You can become a Dementia Friend or find more information online.

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