Sussex Police 'Good' At Keeping Us Safe

Thursday 8th December 2016

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Sussex Police is ‘good' at keeping people safe and reducing crime.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary's (HMIC) latest inspection has also assessed the force as 'good' at:

  • Treating all of the people it serves with fairness and respect.
  • Ensuring its workforce behaves ethically and lawfully.
  • Treating its workforce with fairness and respect.

Deputy Chief Constable Bernie O'Reilly, commenting on the HMIC's PEEL Legitimacy report said, "I'm pleased that the HMIC highlights that officers and staff understand the importance of treating all people they serve with fairness and respect. Our decisions and actions are underpinned by the Code of Ethics.

"It is vital that people have trust and confidence in the integrity of police officers, staff and volunteers, who show their commitment in addressing the concerns of the communities we serve every single day.

"By working together and actively seeking people's feedback, some whose trust in policing is limited, we have a good understanding of local issues and can gauge satisfaction levels."

"The force has drawn praise from the HMIC for the way it clarifies the standards and behaviours expected of all those who work for Sussex Police. Where officers fall below the behaviours expected, the force publishes outcomes of disciplinary cases so there can be no doubt as to what is unacceptable.

DCC O'Reilly added, "I am proud of everyone in Sussex Police who gives their best, and as the report noted we are proactive in promoting their wellbeing as they work hard to keep the community safe and reduce crime, listening to people's concerns and addressing their issues."

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne said, "I am reassured by this HMIC Legitimacy Inspection that Sussex Police is very mindful that it needs the support and trust of the public in order to operate effectively. The ‘Good’ rating across all measures in the latest report shows a clear commitment to ethical and professional behaviour led by Chief officers.

"The report shows that, in Sussex Police, we have strong leadership and effective quality assessment processes and a commitment to transparency on police misconduct.

"I am pleased to see HMIC acknowledge examples of successful engagement and communication with the public. The more confidence that victims and witnesses have in the police, the more likely they are to report crime. This inspection shows that Sussex Police is consistently and successfully engaging with harder to reach groups, including the LGBT community and young people, to better understand their issues and concerns.

"I am particularly pleased to see the recognition of the improvements that have been made in dealing with people with mental health issues and the Force’s commitment to maintaining and improving the wellbeing of officers and staff."

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