Warning Of Car Jamming In Eastbourne

Friday 9th December 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Police Lamp

We’re being warned that key jamming could be happening in Eastbourne.

This sees thieves using long range ‘jamming’ devices that stop drivers from accessing or locking their vehicles, which enables the thief to steal valuables from inside the car.

A woman reported her key fob wouldn’t work for half an hour, when she parked outside a store yesterday (8 December). However, nothing was taken.

Police believe several other people in the same car park had a similar experience, but didn’t report it to officers.

Sussex Police advise that when you leave your vehicle parked or unattended, you carry out the 3 C’s – Clear, Click, Check.

CLEAR valuables and personal belongings from vehicle ensuring nothing is in view that would encourage someone to break in and steal it.

CLICK your remote locking key fob to lock and secure the vehicle.

CHECK that you have followed these steps to make sure it is secure.

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