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Wednesday 14th December 2016

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Sussex Police is recruiting to its new-formed ‘Sussex Police People’s Voice’; a group who represent people’s views in Sussex.

As a member of the group, people will give their views and opinions on policing by taking part in anonymous electronic surveys up to four times a year. This is an extra way the Force will collect feedback as well as continuing to use telephone, postal and face to face consultations. For example, they would like to hear about people’s experiences as victims of crime.

Superintendent Steve Curry said, "We are appealing to those from a range of backgrounds to take part in this new initiative as it’s vital we have voices which reflects the diversity of the county we serve.

"The group is the first of its kind in the force and has been created at a time when we are undergoing significant change. Getting involved is an opportunity for people to help shape the future of the force.”

Members will give feedback on subjects ranging from visibility of the police in their communities, to their opinions around how well police are doing and concerns around policing in their local areas.

A summary of results of every survey will be published on our website, available first to group members, along with the detail of how the results will influence our plans and priorities.

In the past, Sussex Police has used feedback through surveys to identify priorities within communities, understand the impact on victims of anti-social behaviour and improve the experience that people have when they report crime and incidents to the force. 

To be one of the voices in the group all your need to do is spend around 20 minutes completing an anonymous online survey up to four times a year. 

If you can spare a small amount of your time each year and want to make a difference, then join up through the website.

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