Don't Drink & Drive This NYE in Eastbourne

Saturday 31st December 2016

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We’re being reminded not to drink and drive if we’re heading out to New Year’s Eve celebrations in Eastbourne tonight (31 December).

So far this month, 187 people have been arrested as part of a countywide crackdown on drink and drug driving, with 24 convicted and a further 77 charged to appear before magistrates.

The operation, which aims to educate offenders and raise awareness of the risks of drink and drug-driving, launched on Thursday 1 December and ends tomorrow (1 January).

Superintendent Chris Moon, head of roads policing for Surrey and Sussex Police, said, “While the majority of people who drive on our county's roads are responsible, there is still a minority who either don't think or simply don't care about the consequences of their actions. Driving under the influence of drink or drugs is a serious offence and it won't be tolerated.

“Last year, more than 70 people were either killed or seriously injured on the roads in Sussex due to drink-driving, and these collisions could so easily have been avoided.

“But drink and drug-driving doesn't just cost lives; it will also cost you your licence, with a minimum 12-month disqualification for anyone convicted. In addition, it could cost you your job, your home, or your family and friends.

“It really is not worth the risk, and we would urge all motorists to think before they get behind the wheel of their car. Drink or drive; never both.”

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