Eastbourne DGH A&E Under Pressure

Wednesday 4th January 2017

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We’re being asked to think twice before heading to A&E at Eastbourne DGH if it’s not a genuine emergency.

The Emergency Department at the hospital, along with the one at the Conquest in Hastings, remain very busy after the extended bank holiday weekend.

If it’s not an emergency, we’re being asked to find an alternative means of help, through our GP, NHS 111 or a pharmacist, as going to A&E, will likely result in a long waiting time. 

Joe Chadwick-Bell, Chief Operating Officer, said, “We continue to be under severe operational pressure and I would urge people to avoid attending our A&E departments unless it is a genuine emergency.

“There is a range of NHS services available that can help you get the right support and help rather than automatically heading to A&E. These include self-care medicines, your local pharmacist, your GP, walk-in centres and ringing NHS 111.

“We would also ask people to bear with us while we deal with the current high level of demand and apologise to those patients affected and thank them for their understanding. We would also thank families and carers for their assistance while we find more appropriate care settings for their loved ones who no longer require a hospital bed, and ask them to continue to support us in making this happen in a timely way.

“I would also like to thank my colleagues in our hospitals and our health and social care partners for their continued support.”

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