Sovereign Harbour Fisherman's Quay Granted - Again

Wednesday 18th January 2017

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Eastbourne’s fishing fleet has been given a second chance to build a new base.

Planners at the Borough Council have again given the go ahead for Site 3 at Sovereign Harbour to be developed into a Fisherman’s Quay – subject to a local labour agreement.

The application, which would be behind the Harvester near the Waterfront, would see four buildings erected – including a visitor centre, sales office, retail space and storage. It would enable the 32-strong fleet to have a firm base, as well as ensuring a better price for their catch, as they would be able to prepare fish and pack it on ice at site, something they are currently unable to do. The new facilities, which could also see more jobs brought to the area, would allow the fleet to start catching sprat, herring, spider crabs and velvet crabs, which would significantly up their income, with an estimated 100 tonnes of spider crabs being projected to be landed in Eastbourne at the value of around £170,000.

The visitor centre would include a viewing kitchen, which would be used for educational purposes.

On approving the application unanimously, councillors said they hoped would soon see movement, with this being the renewal of a previous planning application for the site, which ran out last year.

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