Eastbourne MP Gives Broadband App Thumbs Up

Wednesday 1st February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline ansell

Eastbourne MP, Caroline Ansell, is urging us to download a new free app that checks mobile and broadband connections.

The app from watchdog Ofcom, checks the performance of a user’s mobile reception, as well as their home broadband. If the app finds a problem with either, it will explain possible causes and provide practical troubleshooting advice.

Voice, 3G or 4G coverage from all major network operators, both indoors and outdoors, at any location in the UK is also part of the package, allowing everyone to compare which network offers the best service in places such as the home or office.

“Poor broadband and mobile phone coverage is a major problem, particularly if a home or office could be on a ‘notspot’, so this app is a great tool to make sure the connections are good or to find out which provider will offer the best mobile signal,” said Caroline.

“The fact this app is from the communication industry’s watchdog is an added bonus as everyone can be confident the information given is accurate.”

The app is free to download and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

It is also available as a web based version for desktop and laptop devices, which can be accessed at here.

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