Eastbourne School Children Plant Time Capsule

Wednesday 1st February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Time Capsule Oakwood

Children from Oakwood Primary Academy in Eastbourne visited a new development of flats at Sumach Close to bury a time capsule in the footings of the site. 

Staff from Eastbourne Homes and Eastbourne Borough Council’s Development Team visited assemblies at the school in Hampden Park with the idea of finding a name for the new building and to talk to the children about the possibility of burying something at the site, to mark the involvement of the community.   

Tom Redman, deputy head teacher at Oakwood Primary Academy, was delighted to be involved with the project and tasked each year group with providing something for the capsule which would give children in the future a glimpse into the life of a child from 2017.

Items put forward include a daily newspaper, stamps, photos, Pokémon cards, money, emoji signs, a mobile phone and a calculator.

Sarah Roberts, from Eastbourne Homes, said, “We have all really enjoyed working with Oakwood Primary Academy on this project and look forward to being able to announce the winning name for the building in due course. Good luck kids!”

Dan Lawes, from property developer Trinity Homes, added, “We are delighted to be involved with the local community and are very impressed with the ideas for the name of the building and the contents of the capsule. This will be marked on the site for future generations to discover.”

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