Eastbourne MP Backs Bill To #ProtectTheProtectors

Thursday 2nd February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline Ansell Blood Test

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell is supporting legislation to force offenders to have a blood test if they spit at or attack the police and other public servants.

The ten-minute rule bill was presented to Parliament this week and it will force those who attack the police, firefighters, doctors, paramedics or nurses to hand over a blood sample, if that attack is considered a health risk. If they do not, without reasonable excuse, then they will commit an offence.

“Public servants, like paramedics and the police, are increasingly being attacked and spat at while on duty by people who might pose a risk to their health, so I very much support this law to offer more protection to them,” said Caroline.

“Most people will find it completely unacceptable that people spit at or attack the police or a nurse but the crime is on the rise and I very much support Sussex Police, who use spit hoods in these cases.

“Some people might think it excessive, but a hood is not put on someone who doesn’t spit or threaten to spit at an officer.”

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