Mums' Plea For Sensible Parking By Eastbourne School

Tuesday 7th February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Haven School Parking

Mums of children who go to an Eastbourne school, are calling on other parents to park more responsibly.

Recently, there have been reports of mums and dads parking on the zig-zags outside of the Haven School in Sovereign Harbour and even on the roundabout.

Mum, Linda told Eastbourne Buzz, “There’s going to be an accident there. I noticed the other day in Quebec Close, there was a car parked on the left-hand side across someone’s drive. I think it’s arrogance ‘I’ve got a car, I’m going to park where I like’. I’ve seen I don’t know how many cars on the way down to Asda, parked on corners, stuck out on to the road. According to the Highway Code – it’s illegal!”

Several roads near the school are often packed out in the morning and afternoon, whilst parents take their children to school. The Haven School does have an agreement for parents to get permits to park at the birth holders’ car park in Atlantic Drive, but it remains nearly empty during school run times. Linda believes the reason for that is simple, “Laziness, it’s still too far away. The school has made an agreement and written to parents to get a permit for a free half an hour there, but out of laziness, they just won’t do it.”

Recently, police have sent patrols during the school run, but another mum, Lucy, wants to see more action taken, “You need yellow lines on that roundabout, that’s just common sense, she told Eastbourne Buzz, “There was one day, where there were three cars parked on the roundabout and the bus trying to get round and children trying to cross the road. I think the impact on the residents must be awful, we get newsletters from the school nearly every other month asking for more consideration.”

Eastbourne Buzz has taken the issue to both East Sussex County Council, which has responsibility for the roads and Eastbourne Police.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said, “Our civil enforcement officers do routinely carry out patrols outside schools where possible and taking into account our limited resources.

“While we are responsible for on-street parking enforcement in Eastbourne, our powers only extend to areas where there are parking restrictions in place, such as yellow lines or school keep clear markings.

“Our officers have spoken to drivers parked on this roundabout and asked them to move, but as there are no restrictions on the roundabout, we are not able to carry out enforcement action – only the police have this power.

“We are aware that this is a problem and have arranged with Sussex Police for a joint visit to this location to try and address the issue.  All motorists have a duty to park responsibly, particularly around schools where child safety may be an issue.

“Our next parking review for Eastbourne starts in April and residents can ask for additional restrictions such as yellow lines to be considered by emailing details of the location, the issues being experienced there and the restrictions they’d like to see to

Inspector Rachel Barrow said, “We are aware there have been issues with parking in the Sovereign Harbour area.

"Parking has been decriminalised in Eastbourne and is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council. We will support East Sussex County Council's enforcement team where we can and road safety is one of the priorities for the Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership.

"Antisocial driving or parking can also be reported to Operation Crackdown."


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