Conservatives Slam Eastbourne Review Into Downlands

Wednesday 15th February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Tony Freebody In Council

The Conservative Group in Eastbourne is hitting out at the special addition of The Eastbourne Review.

Going out to households across the town this week, it details the Borough Council’s plans and reasons for wanting to see the freehold of farms on the Downland.

The Conservatives are condemning the Review for only tabling the authority’s side of the argument and then asks for feedback as to whether we would rather see the freehold sold, or services cut.

Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Tony Freebody, said, “The so-called consultation in the Eastbourne Review falls far short of the standard required to ensure proper scrutiny and fails to allow those who oppose the sale to make their feelings known. The Review sets out the council's point of view, but does not allow those with opposing views to put their case forward. How on earth is that democratic? If the council were serious about this, they would have allowed campaigners 50/50 coverage to allow people to have an informed choice.

"The choice offered by Eastbourne Borough Council in the form of a loaded opinion poll is a false one. Why didn't Councillor Tutt simply ask the question ‘Do you want to retain or sell the freeholds of the Downland Farms?’ Perhaps he feared the result?"

The Tories are now renewing its call for a referendum into the matter and a motion for this will be put forward by Meads Councillor, Barry Taylor, at next week’s full council meeting.

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