Eastbourne's Woman's Plea For Treatment

Friday 17th February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Sarah Knight

An Eastbourne woman is calling for support to enable her to get lifesaving treatment.

Sarah Knight suffers from a very persistent urinary tract infection and has lived with it for six years, although her symptoms stretch back 14 years. The condition leaves her in pain every day. She had hoped to be referred to an NHS clinic in London, but it closed to all patients two years ago.

Sarah takes a cocktail of antibiotics to try and keep the infection at bay, but she has become immune to many forms of treatment. Now, she now hopes to raise enough money to be seen privately by Professor Malone-Lee at Harley Street, who she managed to see earlier this year. Sarah said, “I was told if I continued the current treatment that wasn't working anyway, I would end up dying of multi resistant septicaemia soon. I had been told this by doctors anyway that I would soon die of sepsis.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up in the hope of raising £5,000 to help Sarah to get the treatment she needs.

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