Eastbourne Downland Protesters Make Their Voice Heard

Sunday 19th February 2017

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Have you received your copy of the Eastbourne Review yet?

Almost a week after they started landing on doorsteps, and some homes are yet to receive theirs.

The special editions outlines the Borough Council's reasons for wanting to sell the freehold of downland farms. They say it will help to generate much needed capital for the town. However, they're also offering a poll, asking if we would rather see the freehold sold or take a cut in services, such as grass cutting.

But this doesn't meet the call for a full consultation, which protesters want to see. They're angry that their views have been left out of the Review and want to make sure everyone hears both sides of the story.

Yesterday (18 February) they spent the day at Bankers' Corner, outlining their views on the matter:

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