Eastbourne MP Is Friend To Bees

Saturday 21st May 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline Ansell Bees

Caroline Ansell has added her name to a growing list of MPs who are opposed to a lifting of the ban on bee harming pesticides.

Neonicotinoids pesticides have been restricted across Europe since 2013 due to evidence they pose a risk to bees whose numbers have been dropping worldwide for many years.

Bees are responsible for pollinating two thirds of our food and are important to the economy and food security.

The National Farmers Union has applied to the Government to lift the ban in some parts of the country.

Ministers are currently considering their application, but Caroline said she would not support a lifting of the ban, which is also opposed by Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees.

“Bees are vital to the environment and the food we eat and their numbers have been falling for many years,” said Caroline.

“There is mounting evidence that Neonicotinoids - thiamethoxam, clothianidin and imidacloprid - pose an unacceptable risk to bees and so I support the ban. I will be talking to the Government on this issue with a view to keeping the ban in place.”

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