Eastbourne Conservatives Condemn LibDem Borrowing

Friday 24th February 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Town hall

Conservatives in Eastbourne have condemned the Liberal Democrats at Town Hall for their borrowing habits.

The opposition at the Borough Council believe the administration is borrowing too much and wants to call them to task.

Councillor Penny di Cara, Shadow Cabinet Member for Financial Services said, “Net borrowing in 2015/16 was £53.1million, but in 2019/20, it is estimated that it will almost triple to £144.5million. I’m sure our residents would consider this to be a staggering amount of borrowing.

“We agree that the Council should have capital projects, but can this administration be trusted to deliver them effectively? We still have no Wish Tower restaurant and no sign of one in the near future. Rick Stein pulled out of the deal, citing Brexit, but then went on to announce a new venture in London, so was this the real reason? In addition, the Princes Park café project has ground to a halt.

“One would think that this Liberal Democrat administration would have sleepless nights over the debt. Is it that they are not concerned, as it will be our children and grandchildren who will be repaying it? Or are they expecting to hand it to their successors like a ticking time bomb?”

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