East Sussex Drivers Reminded #ItCanWait

Wednesday 1st March 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Mobile Phone Crackdown

New laws come into force today (1 March), which is prompting emergency services in East Sussex to urge drivers to beware.

Anyone caught using a mobile at the wheel will face an increased fine of £200 and 6 points on their licence – double the original penalties.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership has been running a campaign since January entitled It Can Wait. The campaign reminds people that nothing is as important as focussing on driving, and whatever your phone is doing, your main concern should be getting to your destination in one piece.

You can get involved by sharing our social media posts, encouraging friends and family to put their phones down, turn your own phone off or onto silent when driving, and report other drivers using their mobiles to Operation Crackdown. Nothing is so important on your phone that it can’t wait until you’ve got to your destination.

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