Eastbourne Downland Farm Sale OFF

Monday 6th March 2017

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The freehold of Eastbourne’s Downland farms won’t be sold.

The results of the poll in the Eastbourne Review are out, which show an overwhelming majority in favour of not selling the freehold.

A total of 4373 forms were returned to Town Hall – working out at 5.9% of the eligible voting population of Eastbourne – with 858 voting in favour of selling the freehold and 2632 voting in favour of frontline service cuts ie not selling the Downland farm freehold.

883 return slips were rejected, owing to people not being from within the Eastbourne Borough, filling in multiple forms on behalf of others, failing to tick an option, not providing contact details or sending back duplicate forms.

The Liberal Democrat leader of the Borough Council, David Tutt has been speaking to Eastbourne Buzz about the results and what they mean:

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