Southern Aim To Run 'Most Services' During Strike

Tuesday 7th March 2017


Southern say they aim to run ‘most of its services’ during next Monday’s RMT strike (13 March).

Conductors with the union will be walking out – including in Eastbourne – in the ongoing dispute over their future on trains and the position of on board supervisors, owing to the introduction of driver-only trains. They believe the move is detrimental to passenger safety, saying the supervisor role is not critically trained.

During the last strike on 22 February, Southern say they ran almost nine out of 10 trains (87%) with more than 50% of on-board staff reporting for work and the use of contingency on board staff.

Passenger Services Director Angie Doll said, “We've shown that we can now run almost all our services during an RMT strike.  Our on-board supervisors are now established in their roles and passengers are beginning to see the benefits of having someone whose sole job is customer service.”

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