CQC Report Welcomed By Polegate MP

Wednesday 8th March 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Maria caulfield

Polegate MP, Maria Caulfield, has welcomed the conclusions of the recent report by the CQC, titled: ‘The state care in NHS acute hospitals: 2014 to 2016: Findings from the end of CQC’s programme of NHS acute comprehensive inspections’.

This report draws together the findings from the first round of acute and specialist hospital trust inspections, between 2014 and 2016, showing both variation in the quality of hospital services but also examples of those hospital trusts that have been able to make practical changes to the way they deliver care, improving patient care as a result.

The report found that most hospitals are delivering good quality care and looking after patients well. It highlighted many examples of how hospitals are improving and continuing to improve the quality of care they offer, even though there are various constraints. It therefore championed the quality of service offered by existing NHS staff and encouraged Trusts to look upon their good practice to improve their own services.

However, the report did find issues for improvement within Trusts and hospitals. It noted that some Trusts have blind spots about the quality of care they deliver in certain core services, even if the Trusts were rated ‘good’ overall. It often highlighted the occasional some hospitals’ lack of an effective safety culture or reliable systems to ensure that patient safety was an absolute priority.

Nonetheless, the report stressed that these were avoidable mistakes and could be rectified through more effective leadership. It noted that in hospitals rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’, the Trust boards had worked hard to create a culture where staff felt valued and empowered to suggest improvements and question poor practice. Where the culture was based around the needs and safety of patients, staff at all levels understood their role in making sure that patients were always prioritised.

Maria commented, “I am happy with the findings that the CQC outlined in this report. Of course there is room for improvement but the findings are generally positive and highlighted the amazing care and support that our NHS professionals give. 

“All too often NHS staff are overlooked and instead we solely focus on the problems of the NHS funding. This report refreshingly neglects this issue and instead focuses on the quality of care offered by NHS staff; which has not diminished, whatever adversities fall before their way. 

“As a practicing NHS nurse, I know for sure that these commendations are extremely important for staff morale, and I call for everyone to ensure that NHS staff feel valued and respected.”


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