Eastbourne DGH Promotes Sun Safety

Sunday 22nd May 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Sun Awareness

The Dermatology Department, at the Eastbourne District General Hospital has promoted sun awareness and sensible sun safety with a display stand in the Outpatients Department. The clear message is; enjoy the sun but protect yourself against the suns potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Every day, no matter how careful we are, our skin is exposed to sunlight.  The profound effect that sunlight or ultraviolet light (UV) has on skin, is to damage it.  Short term, it causes sunburn but longer-term effects can be premature ageing, pigmentation and more serious skin cancer.

Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Andrea Cooper explained, “Our skin needs to be protected from April to late September between 11am and 3pm in the UK. If people are outside during these times walking, gardening, playing sports or any other outdoor activity, they need to be aware they are at risk of damaging their skin.”

“We want to remind Eastbourne residents and visitors that Eastbourne is well known for having one of the highest amounts of sunshine in the South and we want everyone to remember don’t get caught out, take steps to not let you skin burn or to develop a deep tan.”

To protect ourselves shade and protective clothing should be used as well applying sunscreen. When choosing a sunscreen, look for a high protection SPF (minimum SP30) to protect against UVB rays from the sun, which causes sunburn.  The UVA circle and/or 4 or 5 UVA stars, to protect against UVA rays, which cause skin aging and sun damage.  Sunscreen should be applied generously 15 to 30 minutes before going out and reapply every two hours and straight after swimming and towel drying. Everyone should be encouraged to protect their skin with closely woven clothing, wear sun hats to protect the face, ears and neck and sunglasses, which filter UV, will help protect the eyes.

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