Eastbourne Students Help Train Sussex Police Investigators

Friday 10th March 2017

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The past four years have seen a fine partnership established between Sussex Police and drama students from Sussex Downs College, based in Eastbourne and Lewes.

Students from the college's performing arts programme are invited to police HQ at Lewes 10 times every year to take part in interview training for investigators.

They are shown a video and given a role to master, and then play the part of young witnesses or victims of crime as the officers probe them for clues.

Specialist training supervisor Detective Sergeant Paul Haywood said, "The training of interviewers is very intensive and the work with students allows them to practise their technical skills in obtaining evidence in a realistic situation.

Inspector Nathan Evans added, "We've been so impressed with the students we've worked with. They are questioned in fine detail and have to be very resourceful to keep to their brief.

"We really value their help at a time when we're trying to ensure that we provide a better service to young people and their families.

"It's a win-win for both parties - our trainees profit from working with the young people, and they get experience of performing in a professional environment. Long may it continue."

Hani Sadat, 18, from Eastbourne confirmed there was enthusiasm on both sides, "It's very realistic and we've had to work hard to memorise information and play our parts in the process."

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