Former Polegate MP Wades In On Scottish Independence Debate

Friday 17th March 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Norman baker

The former MP for Polegate thinks maybe Scotland should be allowed a second independence referendum.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants another vote, after Scotland voted to stay in the EU, but as part of the United Kingdom, will be leaving after Article 50 is triggered by the Prime Minister. Theresa May has said now is not the time to play politics and refutes any attempt at a Scottish referendum whilst Brexit negotiations are taking place.

Scottish-born Norman Baker, who served as the MP for Polegate from 1997-2015, has spoken up on social media, saying, “As a big part of the case put by the Brexiteers for leaving the EU was to ‘take back control; from a distant body setting rules people didn't agree with, those same people can hardly complain when the SNP deploy the very same argument about ‘taking back control’ through independence for Scotland. If it's all right to leave one union, it is difficult to argue it's not all right to leave another. Just another of the many unwelcome downsides from Brexit.”

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